Poetry: Book Reviews

Audience members attending poet Shanta Acharya's reading at the Nehru Centre, London are interviewed about the reading, her CD and poetry books...

Dreams That Spell The Light (Arc Publications, UK; 2010)

  1. Agenda Poetry (UK), Vol 46, No 3, 2012, “A Way of Seeing.” By Martyn Crucefix.
  2. South Asian Review (USA), Vol 32, No 2, 2011. By Jaysinh Birjepatil.
  3. Muse India (India), Issue 38, July-Aug 2011, “A search for spiritual equilibrium.” By Anita Money.
  4. Journal of Postcolonial Writing (UK), Vol 47, No 3, July 2011. By Kate Marsh.
  5. Wasafiri (UK), Issue 65, Spring 2011. By Birte Heidemann.
  6. Biblio (India), Vol XV, No 3 & 4, March-April 2011. By Keki Daruwalla.
  7. Confluence (UK), Spring 2011. By Lakshmi Holmstrom.
  8. Indian Literature (India), Number 260, Nov/Dec 2010. By Anna Sujatha Mathai.
  9. Ambit (UK), Number 202, 2010. By Keki N Daruwalla.
  10. Artemis Poetry (UK), Issue 5, November 2010. By Maggie Sawkins.
  11. Kavya Bharati (India), Number 22, Winter 2010. “Evoking Place and Space of Here and There.” By Prof Cecile Sandten.
  12. Exiled Ink (UK), Issue 14, Winter 2010. By Anita Money.
  13. The Hindu Literary Review (India), 4 Dec 2010. “Inner journeys,” By K Srilata.
  14. Poetry Review (UK), Vol 100: 3, Autumn 2010. By Jane Holland.
  15. Orbis: Quarterly International Literary Journal (UK), Vol 152, Summer 2010. “The Real and Ideal” By Lance Lee.
  16. The IUP Journal of Commonwealth Literature (India), Vol. II, No. 2, July 2010. By Lakshmi Holmstrom.
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  18. The Book Review (India), May 2010. “Learning from travels.” By Ketaki Kushari Dyson.
  19. The Manchester Review. 4 May 2010. By Edmund Prestwich.

Shringara (Shoestring Press, UK, 2006)

  1. Acumen (UK), Number 60, January 2008. “Inviting the Unknown; Shringara by Shanta Acharya.” By Anita Money.
  2. Dream Catcher (UK), Number 19, 2007. By Nicole Kime.
  3. The Book Review (India), June 2007. By Ketaki Kushari Dyson.
  4. Envoi (UK), Number 146, 2007. “A Unique Voice: Shanta Acharya, Shringara; Shoestring Press.” By Lance Lee.
  5. Tears in the Fence (UK), Issue 46, 2007. By Ketaki Kushari Dyson.
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  7. Edinburgh Review (UK), Number 119, 2007. Shringara. By R.V. Bailey.
  8. Samyukta (India), Vol. VI. No. 2, 2006. “Poetic Sculptures of Condensed Grief.” By P. Radhika.
  9. Kavya Bharati (India), Number 18, 2006. “A Participant in Life’s Carnival.” By Cecile Sandten.
  10. Confluence (UK), Vol 5, No 6, September-October 2006. “Shringara reflects the contemporary cosmopolitan poet, moving from one culture to another with ease.” By Usha Kishore.
  11. The Little Magazine (India), Vol 4, Issue 4-5, 2006. By Keki Daruwalla.
  12. Indian Literature (India), Issue 234 July-August 2006. “Shringara by Shanta Acharya.” By Jaydeep Sarangi.
  13. Ambit 186, 2006 (UK). “Shringara by Shanta Acharya.” By Jim Burns.

Looking In, Looking Out (Headland Publications, UK; 2005)

  1. South Asian Review (USA), Vol. XXVII, No. 1, 2006. By Jaysinh Birjepatil.
  2. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature (India) 2006. By Shyamala A Narayan.
  3. Samyukta (India), Vol VI, No 1, Jan 2006. “Assorted Delicacies.” By Dr Jayasree Ramakrishnan Nair.
  4. Envoi (UK), Number 144, 2006. By Rosemarie Bailey.
  5. Tears in the Fence (UK), Issue 43, 2006. By Ketaki Kushari Dyson.
  6. Other Poetry (UK), Series II, No 29, 2006. By Michael Standen.
  7. Wasafiri (UK), Vol. 21, No 1 March 2006. By Devon Campbell-Hall.
  8. The Hindu Literary Review (India), 5 Feb 2006. “Capturing life in all its hues.” By Lakshmi Kannan.
  9. The Book Review (India), January-February 2006. “Life as a Series of Windows.” By Usha Kishore.
  10. Kavya Bharati (India), Number 16, 2004. “The Inner And The Outer.” By Lakshmi Holmstrom.
  11. Confluence (UK), Vol 4, No 5, September- October 2005. “An Urban Poet, but with a wider international leaning.” By Debjani Chatterjee.
  12. Ambit (UK), Issue 182, Autumn 2005. By Judy Gahagan

Numbering Our Days’ Illusions (Rockingham Press, UK; 1995)

  1. Kavya Bharati (India), Number 10, 1998, pp. 191-92. “Snapshots of a chimerical world.” By Lakshmi Holmstrom.
  2. Journal of Literature & Aesthetics (India), Vol 6, No 1, Jan-June 1998, pp 108-110. Dr Jayasree Ramakrishnan Nair.
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  4. The Book Review (India), Volume XIX, No. 9. By Shobhana Bhattacharji.
  5. The Hindu (India), March 5, 1996. “True Voice of a Poet.” By Shyamala A. Narayan.
  6. The Swansea Review (UK), No 15, 1995. By Glyn Pursglove.
  7. The Sunday Observer (India), July 2, 1995. By Keki Daruwalla

Not This, Not That (Rupa & Co, India; 1994)

  1. Acumen (UK), 20, October 1994. By Patricia Oxley.
  2. Indian Review of Books, (India), July 16-August 15, 1994. “Compelling Insights.” By Anjana Desai.
  3. Sunday (India), June 11, 1994. “Sense and Sensibility.” By Keki Daruwalla

General Reviews / Citations

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